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Following the Grenfell fire disaster and the issue of the Hackitt Report (Building a Safer Future) the safety of high rise buildings, particularly residential, has come under increasing scrutiny amid a drive to confirm their safety or to remediate those buildings. The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) developed the EWS1 Form which came into use in December 2019 and was updated in March 2021.

What is an EWS1 Form

EWS stands for ‘External Wall Survey’. The external wall consists of the outside wall of a residential building, including any cladding, insulation, and fire break systems.

An EWS1 Form records in a consistent and universal manner the assessments that have been carried out on the external wall construction of residential buildings of 18 metres or more above ground level, or where specific concerns exist.

The assessment must be conducted by a qualified and competent professional, such as a Chartered Construction Professional as defined on the RICS guidance. A single assessment is needed per building. Once the EWS1 form has been completed it will be valid for five years, subject to significant use changes or any refurbishments.

For further information on EWS1 Surveys and Forms, our fact sheet can be found here.

EWS1 Forms Certify Fire Safety

EWS1 Surveys – How we can help?

At Anstey Horne our team of Chartered Construction Professionals are experienced in carrying out detailed inspections of buildings so our team is best placed to complete the EWS1 surveys and the EWS1 certificate. To that end we have had our approach approved by our professional indemnity insurers, this is something that makes Anstey Horne stand out from the crowd.

All our surveys include a visit to the building by one of our qualified team to carry out an initial visual assessment. We do not undertake desktop assessments alone as this is in breach of the EWS1 process. With offices in London, Birmingham & Bristol we are able to provide this and our other Building Consultancy services all around the UK.

What makes our EWS1 service different?

We provide specialist advice on remedial actions to make your building compliant if it does not meet the required safety standards. This service includes the procurement of a specialist design team to allow the full remediation of the external façade. The advice we provide is backed by specific professional indemnity insurance to undertake this work.


To commission an EWS1 Survey please call our EWS1 Enquiry line on 020 4534 3130.

To book a call back from a member of the EWS Survey team, please fill in our Contact Us form here.

For further help or advice please contact :

Alex Parry-Jones

Senior Director

Head of Building Consultancy

DD : 020 7947 0915

Sally Redfearn

Senior Associate Director

DD : 020 7947 0964

For the latest RICS guidance note ‘Cladding for Surveyors, 1 Edition, March 2021 click here

Details of questions we are often asked about the EWS1 process can be found on our FAQs page – updated following new RICS guidance in March 2021

Also see our EWS1 Fact Sheet for further information.

To understand the routes to securing an EWS1 Certificate, see our EWS1 flow chart

For the latest on the Fire Safety Bill, see our News article.

Please call our EWS1 Enquiry line to commission an EWS1 Survey 020 4534 3130

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