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Fire Stopping

Fire Stopping

Fire stopping is best defined as the sealing of any openings to prevent fire (including smoke and heat) from passing through multiple building compartments.

Every building requires services like electrical cables, plumbing and drainage pipes to be run throughout in order for it to suitably operate.

It is these breaches in Fire Resisting walls that can allow the spread of smoke and heat. Fire Stopping is the sealing of these breaches.

Fire Stopping should be installed either during the construction phase or as any new services are run through Fire Resisting walls during the life of the building. This will contain the spread of a fire by creating fire resisting compartments, which subdivide the building (vertically or horizontally).

‘The performance of a fire-separating element should not be impaired. Every joint or imperfect fit and opening for services should be sealed. Fire-stopping delays the spread of fire and, generally, the spread of smoke as well.’

Different breaches will require a different type of Fire Stopping material or product.

Fire Stopping Surveys

A Fire Risk Assessment may pick up a lack of Fire Stopping within your building. The next stage will be to conduct a full survey of all Fire Resisting and Compartment walls to record all breaches and or incomplete compartmentalisation.

The report will grade the breach based on the type and its location to assist in any prioritising of works. The report can then be handed over to the Fire Stopping Installation team.

Fire Stopping Installations

Once identified each breach can then be repaired with the appropriate material or product. A unique tag will be placed next to the Fire Stopping installation identifying the installer and the product used to achieve what Fire Resisting period.

All of our engineers have been trained specifically by our preferred manufacturer in all aspects of specification, application and installation for all of their products to provide further evidence of competency.


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For the latest RICS guidance note ‘Cladding for Surveyors, 1 Edition, March 2021 click here

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