Rights of Light

We work with investors, developers, owners and occupiers to assess schemes and provide strategic advice on potential Right of Light issues including:

  • Rights of Light for Developers

    We are often involved from the point of site acquisition, advising our clients on what they might be able to achieve in terms of height and massing. Thereafter we work closely with the client’s professional team to optimise the site’s potential.

    We utilise specialist 3D software to undertake cutting edge analysis in order to review the potential impact on neighbouring buildings and, where necessary, advise on alternative massing options to deal with any identified risks.

    Our input would therefore include a valuation of cutback options, through to negotiating and settling claims with affected parties to ensure the successful implementation of their scheme.

  • Rights of Light for Adjoining Owners

    We analyse proposed schemes and review the impacts on the properties owned by our adjoining owner clients.

    We thereafter advise our clients on their legal position and the potential to pursue a claim for the proposed loss of light.

    Together with the client we devise strategies for negotiating a financial settlement or a scheme variation to conclude matters.

  • Rights of Light Management

    Some of our landowner clients hold a significant number of properties within their portfolio. These properties potentially offer development or extension possibilities or the risk of their light being affected by neighbouring schemes.

    We work with clients to audit those assets, identify risks and opportunities, and provide strategic advice.

    We can help identify important actions to be taken to preserve and enhance their assets, including identifying the need to issue Light Obstruction Notices to prevent neighbouring properties from acquiring a right to light across their land.


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Research and Development

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