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Birmingham 3D Future City

Birmingham 3D Model Future City

Back in March Stephen Mealings, Senior Director at our Birmingham office, posted a sneak preview of Anstey Horne’s new 3D model of Birmingham which generated a lot of interest.

Since then we have completed our fully interactive and dimensionally accurate model of Birmingham city centre. We are now taking it one step further by adding consented and proposed developments within the city.

Birmingham 3D Future City

This will create a unique view of the future of the city once these new developments are built. Our model is accurate to 10cm and we regularly update it from laser surveys to achieve even greater accuracy. We are able to use the model to rapidly assess the impact of new developments. With the inclusion of consented but unbuilt schemes, we are able to show the Birmingham 3D Future City and use this to assess the cumulative impact of development.

Our modelling tool utilises AccuCities Plan.City 3D model of Birmingham and they have just published an article about our use of this product on their own website as a case study - to read the article in full please here

To find out more information please contact:-

Stephen Mealings, Senior Director

Rights of Light, Daylight & Sunlight

T: 0121 667 9902

DDI: 0121 348 7300