Dilapidations report office

Dilapidations claims are an important consideration throughout the term of a lease. They become increasingly important when occupiers are reaching the end of a lease term or considering implementing a break option. 

The definition of dilapidations in practical terms is leaving the property in a condition as set out in the lease and usually in the condition it was provided in at lease commencement.

This is a common area of dispute between landlords and tenants.  Crucial to understanding the viability and validity of a claim is interpretation of the lease clauses and applying them to the leased property.   

We have a highly experienced team in this field preparing:

  • Dilapidations assessments for Financial Reporting Standard 102 and development of dilapidations strategies
  • Advising on lease obligations and lease break options
  • Strategic advice on negotiating options; timings and tactics
  • Advising whether to undertake the works or agree a financial settlement
  • Negotiating dilapidations claims with landlords and tenants
  • Procurement and if appropriate managing the works
  • Advising of the appropriateness of section 18 Valuations under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1927
  • Expert witness and litigation support


For any help or advice on Dilapidation issues, please contact :

Alexa Cotterell

Senior Director

DD : 0121 348 7301

M : 07377 564 613

Alex Parry-Jones

Senior Director

Head of Building Consultancy

DD : 020 7947 0915

M : 07803 045 553

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