Anstey Horne

Commercial Office, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

Our client was seeking to renew a lease following the acquisition of the company previously occupying the building, which was being used as a training centre and product showroom.

We undertook the technical due-diligence and reporting to enable the client to successfully complete the leasehold acquisition.

Our work involved several discrete stages – document review, site inspection (including drone survey of the roof elements), analysis and reporting.

Due to commercial pressures, the timescale for delivery of the due-diligence report was compressed into two weeks, which we successfully achieved.

The format of the report was customised to provide both due diligence reporting and schedule of condition recording. This was to ensure that any existing defects were identified and referenced in the lease, therefore mitigating any potential repairing liabilities under the proposed lease.

Due to our assistance, the client could commit to completing the lease, continue occupying the space and mitigated any potential liability for repairs.

Client : Global IT Leader

Services : Building Consultancy – Lease Technical Due Diligence

Sector : Commercial Office