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NEC Supervisor

NEC Supervisor

The NEC Supervisor is the ‘custodian for quality’ during the construction phase.

This is a pivotal role in the successful delivery of NEC Engineering and Construction Contracts (ECC) such as NEC3 and NEC4.

The Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) has been used on some of the highest profile projects in the world. This includes the London 2012 Olympics, as well as every day projects like the construction of buildings, and highways.

The NEC Supervisor ensures that works are completed in accordance with the quality standards defined in the Works information.

Pre-Contract Advice (RIBA Stage 2)

The NEC Supervisor will review the proposed Works information and provides guidance on testing and inspections required to comply with the planned Works, quality standards and construction legislation.

NEC Supervisors Works Commence

NEC Supervisor Role Once Works Commence

The NEC Supervisor is a named role in the ECC and is responsible for notifying Defects to the Contractor.

An NEC Supervisor is responsible for witnessing tests and inspections by the Contractor and monitoring the quality of construction works on site.

Inspections are undertaken to ensure construction is compliant with the Works Information, the NEC Contract and applicable law.

The NEC Supervisor, not so dissimilar to a Clerk of Works, acts independently. They are appointed by the Employer (Client) to protect their interests on site and throughout the project lifetime up to the Defects Date.

If Defects are not notified as soon as they are found prior to Completion this can result in considerable cost to the Contractor and Employer to correct once work is completed causing significant disruption to the end users of the building.

This is where the NEC Supervisor adds significant value to the project by ensuring Defects are notified and ensuring corrective action has been taken by the Contractor.

Who uses NEC contracts?

NEC contracts have become the public sector contracts of choice in the UK, and have been formally endorsed by the Institution of Civil Engineers.

Over the past 20 years NEC3 contracts have been used on a number of major projects, including the London 2012 Olympics & Crossrail.

See details of our recent work at Fitzalan School, Silverwood School and at the STEAM Academy in Bridgend.

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