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EWS1 to Certify Safety of Buildings without cladding

EWS1 buildings without cladding

In response to recent contradictory announcements about the need to certify buildings without cladding, we have developed a simplified EWS1 initial inspection process to meet demand to report on the safety of these buildings.

Last month the government announced that people living in blocks of flats without cladding will no longer have to produce an “external wall system” (EWS1) safety certificate if they want to sell their home or obtain a new mortgage.

The announcement was in response to news reports that thousands of flat owners have been told they face months, possibly years, of being unable to sell or remortgage their homes because they do not have an EWS1 form to certify the safety of their building.

Robert Jenrick, the housing secretary, claimed that he had the backing of UK Finance and the Building Societies Association, whose members provide the majority of UK mortgages. Following the government's press release many news feeds reported that both these organisations stated they had not agreed to the announcement, and worse, that it changed nothing for buyers and sellers. The details of any agreement with mortgage providers remains unclear, but in our opinion some form of certification that a building does not have cladding will be required.

How can the absence of cladding be confirmed?

Mortgage funders rely on various reports concerning the risks that might be associated when lending against a property, depending on it's location. Often a lender will require a report on the risk of flooding, contaminated land, or radon gas exposure. These reports are relied on as much to prove that risks are low rather than high. It follows that if a building does not have cladding, the mortgage lender is likely to require independent confirmation that this is the case.

How can we help?

Completion of an EWS1 form does not just apply in instances where there is cladding. It also provides the certification and confirmation required by lenders in instances when cladding is not present. The overall EWS1 system would undoubtedly benefit from some improvement. We have simplified our EWS1 process to make it a cost effective route to certify the safety of buildings without cladding. Producing an EWS1 form to certify the adsence of cladding could unlock instances where flats owners are unable to sell or remortgage their homes.

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For more information see our EWS1 Fact Sheet and FAQs, as well as our update on EWS1 forms - are they still required?


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