Daylight & Sunlight

Assessing the Daylight & Sunlight available to a proposed building is key to delivering high quality developments in increasingly dense urban areas throughout the UK.

Carefully considered design can help mitigate the impact on surrounding areas, whilst maximizing the development potential of a site and the delivery of good quality daylight & sunlight for future occupiers.

With one of the most experienced teams in the UK, we advise the developing party, potentially affected neighbours and local planning authorities that are reviewing such matters.


Local planning authorities will typically require a formal report to support a planning application, setting out the impact to existing neighbours, as well as the quality of daylight and sunlight within the proposed dwelling.

Our specialist services and analysis help translate planning requirements into pragmatic design advice. Our 3D model of many UK cities, including London & Birmingham helps us to rapidly undertake analysis and calculate the existing context values in the local area. This allows us to adopt alternative target values from those recommended by the BRE, maximising the development potential of a site.

We report with reference to the guidelines published by the BRE, as well as the latest British Standard for Daylighting EN17037.

Daylight & Sunlight Services

Detailed Daylight & Sunlight Assessments

Masterplanning & Site Optimisation

Maximum Development Envelopes & Optimisation

Façade Analysis & Optimisation

Internal Daylight & Sunlight Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Transient Overshadowing

Hours in Sun for Amenity Space

Climate Based Assessment

Tree Impact Assessments

Radiance Studies

Light Pollution

Expert Witness

Technical adviser to Local Planning Authorities


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