Our Charities 

Every year our team chooses two different charities that we fundraise for. We have chosen the following for 2022 : 

Watch the staff news page to follow the fund and profile raising activities.  

Our Culture 

Anstey Horne is founded on professionalism and honesty. Our culture is immensely important to us – who we are and how we work and ultimately why we are unique. 

Everyone at Anstey Horne plays a crucial role in our continued success and we are committed to developing our people and ensuring that they grow and learn, always keeping Anstey Horne one step ahead of the competition and most importantly, we treat our people as individuals. 

As we promote everyone equally and encourage individual contributions, we have created an unique working environment to prevent anyone from being treated differently, allowing the complete empowerment of our team to question all inappropriate behaviour, whether from our clients or colleagues. 

Our Engagement 

We also want to share our passion for the wider property industry with bright and talented people. We encourage our knowledgeable and dedicated team to educate at all levels from senior professional through to undergraduate this is delivered through a network of professional events. This is at the heart of the firm which has been instrumental in defining law and best practice over the last 200 years. 

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