COVID-19 Policy

Anstey Horne are committed to following all of the latest Government advice and guidance regarding COVID-19 to ensure the safety of our staff and clients.

Mobile Working

We have implemented full mobile working for all of our staff following the latest Government advice. We believe this will be the most effective way of ensuring that our operational capabilities are unaffected during the current public health challenge whilst meeting the request to reduce travel, meetings and general interaction.

Meetings & Site Visits

Meetings will be conducted online where required. Due to the nature of our work there are occasions when meetings or site visits have to be carried out in person. We have implemented robust Risk Assessment procedures and Occupier Questionnaires to ensure site visits are conducted in as risk free a manner as possible. All staff are mindful of social distancing and other measures advised by the Government to ensure such instances are safe.


For further information please contact us, or call our main number :

T : 020 3744 2374

Further contact details for our London, Birmingham, Manchester & Bristol offices are here.

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