Daylight and Sunlight

As with Rights of Light, we advise the developing party and potentially affected neighbours. We also occasionally advise local planning authorities that are reviewing such matters.

Many local planning authorities take their lead on the subject from the BRE document titled ‘Site Layout Planning for Daylight & Sunlight: A Guide to Good Practice’, in respect of which our specialist software analyses the impacts in accordance with the BRE’s recommendations.

We have technical capability to support architects and developers at early stages of design by providing rights of light and daylight & sunlight envelopes to specific requirements.

We have developed software that allows us to carry out analysis such as facade mapping, overshadowing and solar glare, for incorporation into EIA documents that form part of the planning application process.

Our software also allows for the assessment of internal light quality of a scheme in accordance with BRE guidance and other benchmarks as required.

Specific types of analysis undertaken includes:

Research and Development

Research and Development

Research and Development