Our History

Anstey Horne has a long and rich history. Its beginnings can be traced back to 1795 to an auctioneers, owned by Mr Pullen. Mr Pullen was later joined by Mr Eversfield who in turn was joined by Mr Horne and his son. Sir Edgar Horne later became the president of what is now the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in 1911.

The firm conducted many high-profile auctions, including those of the Royal Mint, Newgate Prison and Crystal Palace. As a result of these renowned auctions, Anstey Horne now holds in its possession lots of interesting artefacts, including the original catalogue of the sale of the old Crystal Palace.

Anstey Horne quickly cemented its position as a leading specialist consultancy. The firm’s final auction was that of the Great Western Railway and its successor, British Rail.

Soon after the First World War, Bryan Anstey, a senior partner at Johnston Evans and Company, entered into association with Horne & Company. His name was added to the firm in 1964. His son John Anstey became sole principal of the firm in 1973, following Bryan Anstey’s retirement. John Anstey was joined in partnership by Lance Harris and Graham North in the early 1990s.

John Anstey had an ambition to have the London Building Act passed as a national piece of legislation. He set up The Pyramus & Thisbe Club – an association of Party Wall surveyors. It was through his work as chairman of the Club that he supported Lord Lytton in introducing his Bill through parliament in 1996.

The firm has historically worked on some very high profile projects, including Paternoster Square, Tower 42, the Royal Opera House, Lloyds, the National Gallery, Broadgate and Ludgate. Anstey Horne continues to be a leading authority in Rights of Light, Party Walls and Building Surveying.

18th Century

Anstey Horne roots began back in 1795 when Mr Pullen established himself as an auctioneer in Little Moorfields, London. One of the oldest documents in our company records is the sale conducted by Mr Pullen of The Little Theatre, Hay Market, London.

19th Century

The company developed into a surveying and auctioneers firm. In 1855 the name was changed to Eversfield & Horne residing at 40 Parliament Street, Westminster, London.

20th Century

Bryan Anstey invested into Horne & Company in 1964 and the company name was changed to Anstey Horne & Co.

Bryan Anstey’s son John Anstey became the sole principal of the company. John was the founding member of The Pyramus & Thisbe Club in 1974. The club was formed to exchange news and views about interesting Party Wall cases.

In 1993 the Parliamentary Private Bill for England and Wales was sponsored by The Earl of Lytton. This Bill received Government support and became the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

Graham North and Lance Harris current owners of Anstey Horne took over the helm of the company in 1999 following the untimely death of John Anstey.

21st Century

Feb 2016 Anstey Horne moves north with the opening of their Birmingham office, headed up by Stephen Mealings.

March 2016 Anstey Horne secures investment from Business Growth Fund.   Clive R. Williams is appointed as the Chairman.

March 2017 Alex Cocking joins Anstey Horne as Head of Building Surveying Consultancy.


Anstey Horne continues to be the leading authority in Rights of Light, Party Walls and Building Surveying.

Our Team

Our Team

Our Team