Why is there a shortage of consultants to complete EWS1 surveys?

An EWS1 form must be completed by a member of one of 21 professional bodies specified by the government, such as the Royal institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

 A consultant completing an EWS1 form will owe a duty of care to the recipient that it has been completed correctly. An error could lead to a claim for negligence, the risk of which is covered by Professional indemnity insurance.

With effect from May 2020 the RICS Minimum Terms of Insurance underwent material change. Cover for EWS1 survey work was removed by all insurers on the RICS panel. To obtain cover a consultant must seek insurers agreement that such activity will be covered prior to inception of the policy.

With the insurance market increasingly concerned about potential risk appropriate cover has become much harder to obtain, which has left many consultants unable to undertake EWS1 surveys. Due to our specialist expertise Anstey Horne have Professional Indemnity cover for EWS1 survey work.

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