Party Walls

As one of the largest Party Wall Teams in London, we can draw from a wealth of experience to advise developers or neighbours on how they are affected by the Party Wall Act and construction related issues.

Party Walls is not just a box ticking exercise, our early involvement can help developers manage potential liabilities and advise neighbours on how to protect their property during proposed works.

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 provides rights to developing owners and safeguards for adjoining owners.

  • Developers

    For developers, we can advise on the pre-planning stage on likely issues including where the Party Wall Act applies, the strategic approach for dealing with neighbouring properties and rights of access with respect to crane oversail or scaffold access agreements/licences.

  • Neighbours

    For neighbours we can advise on what to expect and how their own property can be protected during proposed works.

With Anstey Horne’s joined up approach, we are often able to identify potential Right of Light or Building Surveying opportunities to assist the developers and their proposed schemes.

Neighbourly Liaison

Neighbourly Liaison

Our newest service is the Neighbourly Liaison Consultancy. This service incorporates our technical and legal expertise from the Party Wall and Building Surveying Consultancies into an integrated service for delivery during the planning and construction phases of development/redevelopment projects. This allows us to identify and mitigate the risk associated with neighbourly relating matters during project delivery.

Neighbourly Liasion