Neighbourly Liaison

Our latest service…Neighbourly Liaison Consultancy.

Building a ‘bespoke engagement strategy’ by identifying all relevant stakeholders and collaborating with them to ensure all relevant concerns, liabilities and rights are correctly considered, implemented and communicated in an accurate manner.

This service incorporates our technical and legal expertise from the Party Wall and Building Surveying practice into an integrated service for delivery during the planning and construction phases of development/redevelopment projects.

The Neighbourly Liaison Consultancy compliments existing construction industry schemes such as the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) by integrating technical, legal, logistical and communications from the pre-construction phase into the construction phase.

  • Planning Phase Services

    • Development Feasibility
    • Construction Management Planning
    • Construction Traffic Management Planning
    • Communication and Engagement Strategy
    • Planning Application Support
  • Construction Phase Services

    • Managing Stakeholder Communication
    • Managing Neighbourly Risk Register
    • Maintaining Engagement Strategy
    • Measuring Engagement
    • Crisis Management
Building Surveying Consultancy

Building Surveying Consultancy

Our Building Surveying Consultancy deals with due-diligence, technical and legal issues relating to acquisition, occupation, redevelopment, repair and disposal of all property types.

Building Surveying Consultancy