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Planning Permission for Lee Bank Business Centre

Daylight & Sunlight - Lee Bank Business Centre

Congratulations to developer Holloway 55 Ltd on the unanimous approval at last weeks’ Planning Committee for their proposal to convert a Birmingham City Centre office block into more than 120 apartments.

Anstey Horne’s Birmingham team provided Daylight & Sunlight advice to support the planning application to convert Lee Bank Business Centre inrto residential apartments.

The proposed scheme, drawn up by K4 Architects will see an additional five-storeys added to the existing seven-storey block on the Holloway Head side of the site, and three on the Blucher Street end, creating 122 flats.

Planning Statement

A statement submitted as part of the application stated :

"The applicant’s primary aspiration is to create chic, functional and above-all ‘liveable’ spaces and facilities, which go far beyond other city centre developments, which are generally delivering near-identical units, designed only to meet minimum space standards.

"The plans incorporate 27 different apartment and house types, carefully planned to create large open-plan habitable spaces that exceed minimum (local and national) space standards.

"The different types will not only offer choice, but also multiple price-points for different types of purchasers, including first-time buyers.

"Projekt 55 is aimed predominantly at the owner-occupier market and incorporates a range of shared amenity spaces and larger-than-normal circulation spaces, which will encourage social interaction between residents and promote neighbourliness and a sense of community.

"Given the provision of larger dwellings, high quality internal and external amenity spaces and the proximity to schools and green spaces, the scheme is ideal for attracting family living."

Client : Holloway 55 Limited

Architect : K4 Architects

Planning : PJP Planning

Project Manager : Robinson Low Francis

Services : Daylight & Sunlight

Sector : Residential


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